Film Series: Manifest/Cinefest!

Manifest/Cinefest! was a specially curated program of film and video artworks that was projected during the Montreal 2014 edition of Encuentro. A collaboration between Montreal-based Cinema Politica and the Hemispheric Institute, the series invited participants and the wider public to experience the audio-visual interpretations, expressions and provocations that respond to and embody the theme of “choreographing social movements in the Americas.”

Sleep Dealer, Alex Rivera, USA, 2008, 90’

Revolutionary Medicine: A Story of the First Garifuna Hospital, Beth Geglia and Jesse Freeston, Canada, 2014, 40’

Finding Dawn,Christine Walsh, Canada, 2006, 73’

“Development” vs. Indigenous Communities, Iara Lee, Brazil, 2012, 11’

File Under Miscellaneous, Jeff Barnaby, Canada, 2010, 8’

Rhymes for Young Ghouls, Jeff Barnaby, Canada, 2013, 88’

Guardians of Eternity, Kelly Saxberg, Canada, 2012, 4’

 At Home, in the Bed, and in the Streets, Liz Miller, Canada, 2013, 35’

Missing Young Woman, Lourdes Portillo, Mexico, 2001, 74’

Folksingers, Memories of Life and Death from Colombia, María Fernanda Carrillo Sánchez, Colombia, 2013, 68’

Defender, Rachel Schmidt, Canada—USA—Guatemala, 2013, 41’

Occupy the Imagination: A Tale of Seduction and Reduction, Rodrigo Dorfman, Chile-USA, 2013, 88’

Timetraveller, skawennati, Canada, 2011—2013, 30’-40’

The Ballad of Crowfoot, Willie Dunn, Canada, 1968, 10’