Colectivo CARNAR: Memory Footsteps

Colectivo CARNAR: Memory Footsteps Julio Pantoja

Memory Footsteps

The goal of this performance is to reposition themes, with memory as a starting point, in the context of the economic crisis of the 30s. This has created a story in time marked by the dispossession and appropriation carried out by large mutinational corporations such as Duncan Fox, Grace & Co., Weir Minerals and Barrick Gold.


Colectivo CARNAR is: Gonzalo León Rabanal, father and grandfather, who was initiated into performance art after the piece Mal decir la letra; Valeria León Ibáñez, daughter and granddaughter, whose BA is in Visual Arts; and Bernardo León Gómez (Gonzalo Rabanal), son and father, who has degrees in Audiovisual Communication and Art.


Colectivo CARNAR: Memory Footsteps Edited by Victor Bautista

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