Round Tables

Round table discussions allow scholars, artists and activists to engage in diverse discussions with each other and with the Encuentro participants.

Colectivo CARNAR is: Gonzalo León Rabanal, father and grandfather, who was initiated into performance art after the piece Mal decir la letra; Valeria León Ibáñez, daughter and granddaughter, whose BA is in Visual Arts; and Bernardo León Gómez (Gonzalo Rabanal), son and father, who has degrees in Audiovisual Communication and Art.

Artist Round Table: Performance Artists

The Illuminator is an art collective that emerged from Occupy Wall Street in New York City. Armed with a powerful projector, it supports the 99% by beaming messages of solidarity and staging political interventions in NYC and beyond.

Artist Round Table: Urban Interventions

Disorientalism (Katherine Behar & Marianne Kim), a collaboration between Asian-American artists Katherine Behar and Marianne Kim, studies the disorienting effects of technologized labor, junk culture, and consumerism.

Artist Round Table: Visual Artists

Jonathan Sterne teaches in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill University. He is author of MP3: The Meaning of a Format;The Audible Past: Cultural Origins of Sound Reproduction; and numerous articles on media, technologies and the politics of culture.

Round Table: Affective Tactics

Alex Rivera is a filmmaker who, for the past fifteen years, has been telling new, urgent, and visually adventurous Latino stories. His first feature film, Sleep Dealer, a science-fiction feature set on the U.S./Mexico border, won multiple awards at the Sundance Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival.

Round Table: Choreographies of Activism

Guiomar Rovira Sancho, PhD in Social Science, focus on Communication and Politics. Professor, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico. She researches social movements, networks and communication. Author of Zapatistas sin fronteras, Mexico, 2009 and Mujeres de Maíz, 1997. Co-ed. La autonomía posible with Albertani and Modesi, Mexico, UACM, 2009.

Round Table: Dissidence, Disruption, and Activist Practice

Erik Bordeleau is postdoctoral fellow at Brussels Free University and lecturer at UQAM. Author of Foucault anonymat (Le Quartanier, 2012) and of Comment sauver le commun du communisme? (Le Quartanier, 2014). Member of the Sense Lab, a collective interested in event design practices and research-creation and Épopée, an action group in cinema.

Round Table: In the Wake of Student Movements