Affect and the City: Remapping Theatrical and Social Movements

Conveners: Brenda Werth and Paola Hernández

This work group considers the choreography of affective energies into movements, images, and encounters, and the ways in which these affective manifestations, when enacted in city space, provide new vantage points for examining the intersection between art and politics. In what ways do artists and activists imagine and intervene in urban space through theatre, performative acts, and social practices? And what does the autobiographical nature of many of these performative interactions with the city reveal about the politics of self, place, and identity in twenty-first century cities of the Americas?

Brenda Werth is Associate Professor of Latin American Studies at American University in Washington DC. Her research interests include Latin American theatre, film, performance, memory studies, and translation. She is currently working on a project exploring the politics of non-fiction in twenty-first-century Argentine documentary theater and film.

Paola S. Hernández is Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She specializes in contemporary Latin American theatre and performance with an emphasis on memory politics, sites of memory, and human rights. Her current research examines the role of the "real" in theatre and visual arts.

Ana Elena Puga
Andrea Maciel
Anna White-Nockleby
Camila Gonzalez Ortiz
Carla Beatriz Melo
Christian Bracho
Claudio Ribeiro
Edward Whittall
Elizabeth Currans
Harmony Bench
Julie Ann Ward
Melissa Gebbert
Salvador Salazar Gutiérrez
Sareh Afshar