Art and Performance: Making Trauma Visible

Conveners: Eva-Lynn Jagoe, Gina Beltran and Julieta María

This work group will examine how art and performance politically charge public spaces to make manifest and open to view the unspeakable, hidden, and unseen. Focusing on the concepts of violence, memory, and trauma, the group will discuss how artwork and performance become points of intersection where the spectator confronts the experience of the other. Considering the silence, disintegration of language, and the precariousness of thought and critical tools that surround terror and traumatic experience, the aim is to explore the way in which artistic practices name, make visible, and give form and meaning to violent experience.

Gina Beltran (Ph.D. University of Toronto) is a Visiting Fellow of the Latin American Studies Program at the University of Toronto. She is interested in questions of memory, trauma, and violence in late-20th century and contemporary Latin American literature, visual arts, and performance.
Julieta María is a Colombian, Toronto based media artist with an MFA in visual arts from York University. Julieta's recent work has been centered on video documentation of staged actions, exploring the experience of violence as an intrusion in the relationship between the subject and the world. She is a founding member of e-fagia in Toronto.
Eva-Lynn Jagoe, Associate Professor of Latin American and Comparative Literature, holds a PhD from Duke University and an MA from University of Wales, Cardiff. She teaches experimental critical writing, theories of community and ethics, and Argentine and Mexican culture. Her research interests include gender, psychoanalysis, neuroscience, film, visual art, and critical and cultural theory.

Analola Santana
Cesar Barros Arteaga
David Lozano
Diana Alejandra Silva
Diana Catalina Hernández
Edward Little
Esmerelda Ramírez
Gina Beltran
Gita Hashemi
Illa Carrillo Rodriguez
Joana Craveiro
Juan Carlos Suzunaga
Julia Villaseñor
Julieta Maria
Kerry Whigham
Laura Gisselle Vargas Latorre
Leonel Vasquez
Lilia Adriana Perez Limon
Lucero Medina Hú
Priyanka Choudhary
Stephanie Sherman
Teoma Naccarato