Artist as Repertoire

Conveners: Roewan Crowe, Praba Pilar and Javier Serna

In this workgroup we are interested in engaging with ways to manifest the artist’s repertoire. How do we make visible artistic knowledges, skills, and theories that inform artistic practices in the Americas, particularly work that is politically engaged? How might artists describe their processes of art-making, and the depth of their art practice? How might we bridge the gulf that often exists between scholarly languages and artistic languages? This is a decolonizing intervention, created to provide space for artists and scholars to dialogue about the similarities and differences among artistic languages and scholarly languages.


Roewan Crowe, trans-disciplinary artist, is energized by acts of disruption, transformation, and the tactical deployment of self-reflexivity. She recently published Quivering Land, a rather queer Western, that engages with poetics to reckon with legacies of violence and colonization. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Winnipeg.

Praba Pilar is a Colombian multi-disciplinary artist exploring the intersections of art and emerging technologies through performances, installations, street theatre, writing, websites and digital works. Her wildly diverse work has been presented internationally at museums, galleries, universities, festivals, public streets, and radio airwaves.

Javier Serna is a professor of Letters and Analysis of Cultural Processes at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico. Publications: 150 Años de Teatro en Nuevo León (2009), Narcocorridos (2003) and Oratura (2014). PhD in Performance Studies from New York University. MA in Drama from the Drama Centre London, and in Anthropology from UANL.

Arturo Herrera
Carolina Felice Bonfim
Eliana Marquez Barrera
Jake Moore
Jessica Joy Cameron
Jessica MacCormack
Kevin O'Connor
Heather Hermant 
Laura Levin
Marcos Antônio Alexandre
Maria Guzman
Marie José Parent
Roberson de Sousa Nunes
Roewan Crowe
Roxana Gómez Tapia
Shelagh Pizey-Allen
Stephanie Gervais 
Sylvia Richardson
Monica Fagundes Dantas