Body Politics

Conveners: Macarena Gómez-Barris, Tavia Nyong'o and Jack Halberstam

We theorize and analyze a host of hemispheric bodily aesthetics, such as the hunger strike, extreme performance art, passive refusals, political manifestations, black signification, autonomous feminisms, visual embodiments, racialized bodily imaginaries, and the potentialities of queer and decolonial performance art.


Macarena Gómez-Barris is Associate Professor of American Studies & Ethnicity and Sociology at the University of Southern California. She is author of Where Memory Dwells: Culture and State Violence in Chile, and currently working on a book called Aesthetics of Extraction: Visuality in the Ecologies of South America.

Tavia Nyong’o is Associate Professor of Performance Studies at New York University. His areas of interest include black studies, queer studies, and popular music studies. His first book, The Amalgamation Waltz: Race, Performance, and the Ruses of Memory (Minnesota, 2009), won the Errol Hill Award. He is co-editor of the journal Social Text.

Jack Halberstam is Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California. Halberstam is the author of five books including: The Queer Art of Failure (Duke UP, 2011) and Gaga Feminism. Halberstam is currently working on several projects including a book titled THE WILD on queer anarchy.


Alessandra Santos
Alexandra Tigchelaar
Antwi Phanuel
Bernat Tort
Christina Aushana
Danielle Roper
Emily Hella Tsaconas
Jack Halberstam
Juan Carlos Rivera
Laura G. Gutierrez
Lizeth Gamboa Ortega
Lucas de Lima
Macarena Gomez-Barris
Pablo A Costa
Sebastian Vidal
Tavia Nyong'o