The Street and the Network: Combined Activism in the 21st Century

Convener: Rossana Reguillo

This group focuses on articulating the relationship between the streets and the networks in recent intense mobilizations, emphasizing the tensions between “clicktivism” (participation in digital networks) and bodies on the public square. We are interested in the power and/or problems of activation and participation in the combination of virtual/physical presence and the construction of new subjectivities, collective emotions, and techno-political skills derived from network use. How can we re-think activism? Is the “manifesto” an action or teleological discourse that necessarily must pursue a particular end: taking power?


Rossana Reguillo holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the CIESAS. She is a researcher, member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences and professor of Sociocultural Studies at ITESO. Research interests include: youth and urban cultures; social construction of fear and the politics of affect; and cultural dimensions of narco-traffic and violence.


Christina L Sisk
Denis Nohemy Rojas Gómez
Diana Karina Soto
Guiomar Rovira Sancho
Irene Serrano Vázquez
Paulo Jorge Pinto Raposo
Maria Anastasaki
Amaranta Cornejo Hernandez