Inscription/Representation: Theoretical and Creative Approaches

Conveners: Ángeles Donoso Macaya, José Pablo Concha and Silvia Spitta

The exploration of the relation between an actual performance, a happening, or a “naked” event, its register, and our way of accessing it, offers a myriad of theoretical or creative possibilities. This work group convenes theoretical approaches and creative work addressing the relations between act(ing), inscription, and representation. The scholars, visual artists, filmmakers, performers, and photographers convened in this work group will propose different approaches to the dialectics of documentation and representation of historical events, artistic and political actions, communal festivities/celebrations, and performances.


Ángeles Donoso Macaya is assistant professor at BMCC/CUNY. Her scholarly interests pay special attention to the meanings/methods of collaborative practices between artistic media—literature, photography, performance, and art interventions. She is working on a book entitled Profundidad de campo: prácticas fotográficas en Chile 1973-1998.

José Pablo Concha Lagos got his PhD in Philosophy at the Universidad de Chile; MA in Theory and Art History at the Universidad de Chile; BA in Aesthetic at PUC. He is a professional photographer.

Silvia Spitta is Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College. Her research interests include contemporary Latin American and US Latino/a literature and culture; theories of transculturation and mestizaje; material culture, collecting, and memory; visual culture and Andean photography.


Sarah Townsend
Aaron Golish
Angeles Donoso Macaya
Arnaldo Rodríguez Bagué
Christos Galanis
Daniel S. DeLuca
Florence Figols
Jean-François Côté
José (Pepe) R. Álvarez Colón
José Pablo Concha
Kaitlin McNally-Murphy
Laura Díaz Galán
Maria Paula Rodriguez
Marielle Nitoslawska
Roberto Velez-Velez
Sérgio Pereira Andrade
Silvia Spitta
Julio Pantoja
Jose Ricardo Gutierez Vargas