MANIF-FIESTA: Festive Mobilizations, Movements and Protests

Conveners: Angela Marino, Rachel Bowditch and Paolo Vignolo

Fiesta, street theater, carnival and religious manifestation—rituals both devotional and festive—cross over to the political as mobilizations in labor and economies, cultural acts, and in claims to land, resources and histories. This working group focuses on the multiple valences of what it means to mobilize in popular performance: to inspire and organize, and to physically move in migrations, transfers, diasporas, and choreographies in festivals, carnivals and collective rituals in the hemisphere.


Angela Marino, Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, focuses on fiestas and carnivals, popular theater and performance, activism and political theory.

Rachel Bowditch (MA/PhD) is Associate Professor at Arizona State University. She focuses on festivals, utopia, and experimental performance. Her book, On the Edge of Utopia: Performance and Ritual at Burning Man was published as part of the Enactments Series (Seagull Press/University of Chicago Press).;

Paolo Vignolo, associate professor at the National University of Colombia, works on public history and memory studies. Both his publications and his artistic projects focus on: 1) poetics, politics and practices of play and festive performance and 2) cultural heritage, cultural rights and cultural agents.


Anadel Lynton Snyder
Aressa Rios
Daniella Wittern Bush
Gabriel Levine
Jennifer Spiegel
Juan Pablo Paredes P.
Katherine Nigh
Kavita Kulkarni
Keren Zaiontz
Manuel R. Cuellar
Marina Barsy
Mathieu Labrie
Matthew Tremé
Paloma Martinez-Cruz
Raul Hott
Shanna Lorenz
Susan Finque
Angela Marino
Paolo Vignolo
Rachel Bowditch