Performing Disability / Enabling Performance

Conveners: Arseli Dokumacı and Kim Sawchuk

Performance and disability have been in close conversation since their concurrent emergence in the second half of the twentieth century. Touching upon themes common to performance studies and disability studies, such as embodiment, subjectivity and the politics of movement, this working group focuses on the interface of performance and disability. It invites artists, academics, theorists, and activists to explore, through haptic and kinaesthetic means, how the two paradigms might challenge and productively inform each other.


Arseli Dokumacı completed her PhD in performance studies at Aberystwyth University and is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Concordia University’s Mobile Media Lab. Her research explores everyday performances, disability, health and has appeared in Disability in Judaism, Christianity and Islam (2011) and Performance Research Journal (2013).

Kim Sawchuk is a Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Mobile Media Studies, Concordia University, and a co-founder of Studio XX. She is intrigued by the creative and political potential of new media and is known for her many articles on methods as a creative practice, her pedagogical performances, and her commitment to students.


Ashley McAskill
Carola García López
Danielle Peers
Heather Vrana
Janet Gibson
Jennifer Jimenez
Kelsie Acton
Laurence Parent
Lindsay Eales
Margaret Ames
Maria Schirmer
Stephen Sillett
Véro Leduc
Yvonne Schmidt
Koby Rogers Hall
Tamar Tembeck