Politics as Performance / Performance as Politics: Manifestations of Resistance and Cultural Activism in Canada

Convener: Smaro Kamboureli

From the various cultural manifestations that the Truth and Reconciliation process in Canada has generated to the Idle No More movement, cultural expression plays a seminal role in exposing wrongs, articulating and documenting truths, and resisting the hegemonic entanglements that have shaped the relationship of the First Nations peoples, immigrants, and refugees with the Canadian nation-state. We will examine cultural articulations that have contributed to the collective archive that both records and radically interrogates historical injustices, and the double desire to expose injustices and forge solidarity through art.


Smaro Kamboureli is a Professor and the Avie Bennett Chair in Canadian Literature at the University of Toronto. Her publications include Scandalous Bodies: Diasporic Literature in English Canada, Trans.Can.Lit: Resituating the Study of Canadian Literature (with Roy Miki) and Shifting the Ground of Canadian Literary Studies (with Robert Zacharias).


Ashok Mathur
Ayumi Goto
Carolyne Clare
Julia Emberley
Leah Decter
Maude Lapierre
Robert Zacharias
Roy Miki
Peter Morin