The Sovereignty of Indigenous Aesthetics and Bodies

Conveners: Heather Igloliorte, Julie Nagam, Dylan A.T. Miner and Dot Tuer

In this work group, participants will collectively explore the interrelationship between the growing global Indigenous art world, notions of contemporaneity, issues around the gendered colonial bodies and capitalism as it relates to creative interventions and self-determination and sovereignty.


Heather Igloliorte (Inuk, Nunatsiavut Territory) is a curator, art historian, and Assistant Professor of Aboriginal Art History at Concordia University (Montreal, QC). She is currently investigating North American Indigenous performance art through two funded research projects with colleagues in Canada and the US.

Julie Nagam,Ph.D., is Assistant Professor at OCAD University in the Indigenous Visual Culture program. She has exhibited in São Paulo, Brazil, and Lyon, France, 2013. Her installation, singing our bones home, was part of LAND/SLIDE, in Markham, Canada and Ecocentrix in London, England, 2013.

Dylan Miner is Associate Professor at Michigan State University, where he coordinates an Indigenous Contemporary Art Initiative. He holds a PhD from the University of New Mexico and has published more than fifty articles, chapters, essays and encyclopedia entries. Since 2010, he has hung thirteen solo exhibitions throughout the Americas and Europe.

Dot Tuer holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and teaches at OCAD University. Her research focuses on Canadian and Latin American art and “mestizaje” as a site of intercultural exchange. Her current writing and collaborative projects address the relationship of social memory to witnessing, political agency, and anti-colonial resistance.


Antonio Diderot Moreno Herrera
Dylan Robinson
Emilie Monnet
Isabelle St-Amand
Jason Lewis
Jessica Jacobson-Konefall
Joaquin Meza Coria
Karina Vargas
Megan De Roover
Rodrigo Hernandez-Gomez
Shana MacDonald