Tactical Media: Steps Towards Interruption, Community, Autonomy

Conveners: Marcela A. Fuentes, Sophie Toupin, and T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko

This workgroup invites artists, scholars and activists who investigate tactics of intervention through performance and media. We understand tactical media to include the body, imagery, sound, new media, cutting edge technology, objects and text. The workgroup will discuss the relationship between means and ends, how media shapes that which we strive for, tactics of making legible and disrupting technologies of power, the role of the audience as participants in open-ended tactical media performances, and the potential of tactics of engagement to generate new forms of association and autonomy beyond dynamics of antagonism.


Marcela Fuentes (Marsha Gall) is Assistant Professor in the Department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University. Her research explores uses of performance and digital media as activist and social art tactics in response to transnational power.

Sophie Toupin is a Project Administrator with Media@McGill, a hub of interdisciplinary research, scholarship and public outreach on issues in media and technology at McGill University (Canada). Her present research focuses on the relationship between feminist, queer and trans online and offline practices within social movements.

T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko is Assistant Professor at UToronto. She has published extensively on pop culture and experimental performance, been an occasional dramaturge, and is TDR’s Critical Acts editor. Her first book (Routledge, forthcoming) engages the skewed relationship between 21st-century media technologies, perception, and popular culture.


Duskin Drum
Fabio Salvatti
Flaviana Benjamin
Maria Gabriela Lugones
Tom Astley