Visual Arts Clinic: Modes of Making / Direct-Action Art

Convener: Jorge Hernández Esguep

Together we will participate in creative and transdisciplinary interactive work in Montreal’s urban landscape. We seek to develop, analyze and share individual and collective actions as strategies within the visual arts field (photography, painting, video, installation, sculpture, new media and net art, among others). Our goal will be to create work that deals with the visible and the invisible by means of an interdisciplinary approach. We will construct visual arts projects at the procedural and the tridimensional level, to be spread across the cityscape, responding to the social, political and cultural context of the city.


Jorge Hernández Esguep is Director of the School of Visual Arts at the Universidad Austral de Chile. A visual artist and an academic, he received a Ph.D. in Humanities with a specialization in Art and Aesthetics from the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, and a Masters degree in Visual Arts from the Universidad de Chile.


Edgar Endress
Peter Lee
Amelie Brindamour
Claudia Isabel Espinosa Ramos
Mariane Bourcheix-Laporte
Marilou André
Blake Turner