Women Mobilizing Memory

Conveners: Marianne Hirsch, Jean Howard and Diana Taylor

Bringing together artists, social activists, and scholars of memory and memorialization, this work group focuses on the political stakes of witnessing and testimony as responses to socially imposed vulnerabilities and historical trauma. Using gender as an analytic lens, this project explicitly explores women's acts of witness and the consequences of political repression and persecution. It asks what strategies of memorialization and re-imagining are most effective in calling attention to past and present wrongs and in creating possibilities of redress through protest, action, and resistance.


Marianne Hirsch teaches Comparative Literature and Gender Studies at Columbia University and directs the Center for the Study of Social Difference. Recent books: The Generation of Postmemory;Ghosts of Home: The Afterlife of Czernowitz in Jewish Memory with Leo Spitzer; co-ed. e-misférica “The Subject of Archives” and Rites of Return.

Jean Howard is George Delacorte Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University as well as an author and editor. Books include The Stage and Social Struggle in Early Modern England; Engendering a Nation: A Feminist Account of Shakespeare’s English Histories; Theater of a City: The Places of London Comedy 1598-1642, and Marx and Shakespeare.

Diana Taylor is University Professor at NYU—where she teaches in the departments of Performance Studies and Spanish—and is Founding Director of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. Author of: Theatre of Crisis (1991), Disappearing Acts (1997), The Archive and the Repertoire (2003), and Performance (2012).


Ausonia Bernardes Monteiro
Barbara Sutton
Carolyn Vera
Giselle Ruiz
Jenny Burman
Jenny James
Leticia Robles-Moreno
Magdalena Olszanowski
María José Contreras Lorenzini
Milena Grass
Monika Kin Gagnon
Nuria Carton de Grammont
Paige M Patchin Patchin
Pilar Riano
Raúl Diego Rivera Hernández
Shahrzad Arshadi
Victoria Fortuna
Leyneuf Tines Villarraga