Translation at Hemi Encuentros

Translation is at the heart of the Hemispheric Institute's practice—at the core of our thinking and doing. Our capacity to come together, share work, and build relationships of collaboration and exchange depends upon our ability to express ourselves in the languages in which we feel most comfortable and which best capture the nuances of our thought and action. Yet our commitment to translation has always come up against our capacity to provide full print and digital translation and offer simultaneous interpretation across our events and programs. While we are proud to be able to provide simultaneous interpretation of the keynote lectures, roundtables, and other plenary events, we are also keenly aware that mutual understanding across our linguistic differences will require a collective effort on the part of all participants. In many ways, this challenge of intelligibility across difference defines the praxis of Encuentros, calling upon each of us to make the concern of another our own. This means speaking slowly and clearly, and translating—whenever possible—for the colleague standing next to you. It is in this spirit of generosity that we invite everyone to participate as active interpreters in this collective exercise—one which we hope can help us model the change we want to see and the world we want to inhabit.