Patrick Monte & Brian Questa: Anomy, for U.S. and Mexican News

Anomy, for U.S. and Mexican News

Space: CCD (Centro de Cultura Digital), El Memorial
Exhibition Opening: Tuesday, June 11, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

On view June 11-15, 2019

Anomy, for U.S.and Mexican News uses news media RSS feeds in real time in combination with data sanitization and sound synthesis algorithms in order to create visual displacement and generate a non-linear musical score. Through immersion, adjacency, perpetuity, uncertainty, and content in real time, it offers a contemplative experience with mass media, censorship, and language in contemporary society. Information containing the letter “e” in news briefs from eleven different sources in English and Spanish will be redacted—each triggering a musical note. Inspired by lipogrammatic literature and concrete poetry, this piece uses the lipogram to call attention to subjectivity and control in mainstream news media. The result is both a rhythmically diverse sound piece and a visual document that continuously evolves along with the flow of information published by Mexican and American news outlets.

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Patrick Monte is an intermedia artist, designer, and composer based in New York City and Berlin. Brian Questa is an artist and composer based in Austria. Together, they have co-produced media installations, performances, and experimental music for exhibitions, festivals, and conferences internationally.