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Lab.Ei: StereoMono

StereoMono. Photo provided by the artist.


Something is at work. We call this action impromptu—techniques that install the unforeseen alternatives to repetitions of predictable gestures and responsiveness. We meet pedestrians wearing headphones and ask to listen to a minute of their music. From this instantaneous act of sharing, the dance of this encounter is born.


Lab.Ei (Laboratory for Essays and Unpredictability), based in Florianopolis, Brazil, investigates the intersections between dance and philosophy through the production of events and interdisciplinary processes that unite theory and action. We are interested in the unseen, shared (intangible-sensitive) choreographies that bring emotions together in synch.

SILENT MIGRANTS: car, speaker –information center

Mexico has a large concentration of poor migrants, many of whom are Afro-descendants from Central America and the Caribbean. They ask for help to continue their journey North, where they are not welcome. By broadcasting the testimonies of these migrants, which were collected through interviews, we call on people to support them.


Álvaro Villalobos is an artist and member of the SNI-CONACYT, Mexico. His work consists of research, performances, and installations that tackle social and political issues. He works with the artists Yuri Aguilar and Luis Serrano of the Grupo de Investigación Acción Interdisciplinaria sobre Arte y Entorno (GIAE) in the postgraduate program at the UNAM School of Arts and Design.

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Alexia Miranda: Sound Memory III

Sound Memory III

The piece imagines sound as a particular language of vibrational conscience, generated by the body of performance artists who have been selected through an open call. A tissue of connective sound is created—a jam session capable of connecting us with memory and transporting us through time and space.


Alexia Miranda is a multidisciplinary artist from El Salvador whose work explores the limits of human relations. She works with vulnerable communities through art therapy as well as with college students. Her art has been exhibited in North, South, and Central America, as well as Europe. In 2019, she was invited to the 13° Biennial de La Habana "La construcción de lo posible" (The Construction of the Possible).

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Songs for Development

Urban development: the most polluting activity across all continents. It is alarming that a majority of the population is concentrated in urban centers, and yet we are still drawn to what these places have to offer. Let’s take our bodies to the streets and sing songs for development so that people may listen carefully to what human nature is all about.


Alejandro Chellet is a multidisciplinary artist engaged in cultural and permacultural networks in Upstate NY/NYC/CDMX. He uses waste, public space, architecture, and performance to address forgotten principles of coexistence and the loss of connection with nature in the political and environmental context of urban societies.

Fragmented Images of a Street Narrative

Through a series of recordings of popular songs interrupted by fragments of personal stories which are broadcast by a speaker attached to the body, people are encouraged to listen to and follow this strange and vibrant character along the street in an absurd, violent, and mundane context—fragments of who we are.


Alba Cadena Roldan is an interdisciplinary visual artist from Colombia who explores video art, performance, and writing related to notions of the body, violence, and healing in relation to individuals and communities. She is currently pursuing an MA in Art at the ASAB Faculty of Arts.

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How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? On Creating Feminist Comedy in the 21st Century

How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? On Creating Feminist Comedy in the 21st Century" is a keynote address and insider’s look at what went behind the funny posters, poignant protests, fax blitzes, speak-outs and street theatre actions the Guerrilla Girls used to attack and expose sexism in the theatre world. It includes a step-by-step guide to the art of collaboration.


Donna Kaz is a performer, activist, author, and a leading feminist voice on how to combine activism and art. For the past 20 years, she has been proving feminists are funny with Guerrilla Girls On Tour. Her new eBook, PUSH/PUSHBACK: 9 Steps to make a Difference with Activism and Art, is at ggontour.com. donnakaz.com | @guerrillagsot @donnakaz

Ana Francis Mor (Presenter) studied acting at the Foro Teatro-Contemporáneo and received her degree in Performing Arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara. She was awarded the 2011 Omecihuatl Medal for her work as an artist and LGBTTTI feminist activist. She is a co-founder of the performance company Las Reinas Chulas, with over 50 theatrical productions among their many accomplishments. At the end of 2014, the Legislative Assembly of Mexico City awarded Las Reinas Chulas the Medal of Merit in the Arts for over 15 years of work promoting culture in the nation’s capital.

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Posnacional 2: Glosolalia Remix

A remix of performance, spoken word, electronica, video art, and performance installations. Gomez-Peña, Saul García-Lòpez (aka La Saula), and Balitrónica will present fragments from binational collaborative projects with artists and poets on both sides of the border. The playlist will include music from DJ Ricardiaco, Nayla Altamirano, Julia Antivilo, Erika Bulle, Felipe Lechedevirgen Trimegisto, Rojo Córdoba, and Logan Phillips, among other special guests.


La Pocha Nostra is a transdisciplinary arts organization that provides a support network and forum for artists of various disciplines, generations, and ethnic backgrounds. La Pocha is devoted to erasing the borders between art and politics, art practice and theory, artist and spectator. La Pocha Nostra has intensely focused on the notion of collaboration across national borders, race, gender, and generations as an act of radical citizen diplomacy, and as a means to create “ephemeral communities” of rebel artists. Please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a full CV.

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Jess Dobkin & Laura Levin: TALIXMXN


Encuentro participants are invited to create their own TALIXMXN - an energetic archive of Encuentro performances. Receiving small cotton bags and instructions at registration, they are then invited to approach participating Encuentro artists throughout the week to collect, assemble and activate their TALIXMXN bags with materials infused with the energy, intention, agency and will of the archive.


Jess Dobkin is a Toronto-based artist, curator, community activist, and teacher. She creates and produces intimate solo theatre performances, large-scale public happenings, socially engaged interventions and performance art workshops and lectures.

Laura Levin is a settler artist-scholar and Associate Professor of Theatre & Performance Studies at York University. Laura’s current research focuses on performance and political culture; site-specific and urban intervention; and performance and digital media. She is a Co-Investigator for the Canadian Consortium on Performance and Politics in the Americas.

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The Illuminator: Border Blaster

Border Blaster

Border Blaster is an interactive game that harnesses collaboration and play to break through barriers - within ourselves, and between our communities. Projected outside, it invites people to spend time together and build connections, while blasting through walls.

Video provided by the artists.


The Illuminator is an art-activist collective comprised of visual artists, educators, filmmakers, and technologists living and working in New York City.The collective has staged hundreds of projection-interventions in public spaces, transforming the street from a space of passive consumption and transit into a site of engagement, conflict, and dialogue. @the.illuminator

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2boys.tv: CatoptROMANTICS


The CatoptROMANTICS invite 12 guests to gather around a table. As the 2boys.tv alter egos, Gigi L’Amour and Pipi Douleur, our hosts invoke the presence of “the other” to the table—an intimate encounter where we can collectively contemplate how we ended up together in this moment and question who might be missing or excluded from our gathering.


Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard are 2boys.tv, a transdisciplinary performance art duo from Montreal Canada.

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