Richard Schechner: Despair & disgust vs integrity & wisdom: An endgame in 7 acts

Despair & disgust vs integrity & wisdom: An endgame in 7 acts

Samuel Beckett tells of a tailor taking weeks to make a pair of trousers, while God needed only six days to create the world. Which turned out better? Can art out perform nature? What are the possibilities for millions of species, including our own, in the Anthropocene? Do artists have special responsibilities and powers to help effect a transformation of attitudes and behaviors? On a personal as well as social-political level, is there anything to be optimistic about when the choice is despair and disgust versus integrity and wisdom?


Richard Schechner is editor of TDR, author, theatre director, and University Professor Emeritus in Performance Studies at New York University.. His books include Environmental Theater, Performance Theory, Between Theater and Anthropology, The End of Humanism, The Future of Ritual, Performed Imaginaries, and Performance Studies: An Introduction. He was a producing director of the Free Southern Theater and founded The Performance Group. He has directed theatre, led workshops, taught, and lectured in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Didanwy Kent Trejo (Presenter) holds an MA and a PhD in Art History from UNAM. She is currently a full-time professor at the College of Dramatic Literature and Theatre at UNAM’s Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. She teaches in the Graduate Program of Music, the Graduate Program of Arts and Design, and the Graduate Program in Art History at UNAM. Her areas of research span the field of performing arts, particularly opera, theater, and performance, as well as contemporary social and artistic practices.