Álvaro Villalobos: SILENT MIGRANTS: car, speaker –information center

SILENT MIGRANTS: car, speaker –information center

Mexico has a large concentration of poor migrants, many of whom are Afro-descendants from Central America and the Caribbean. They ask for help to continue their journey North, where they are not welcome. By broadcasting the testimonies of these migrants, which were collected through interviews, we call on people to support them.


Álvaro Villalobos is an artist and member of the SNI-CONACYT, Mexico. His work consists of research, performances, and installations that tackle social and political issues. He works with the artists Yuri Aguilar and Luis Serrano of the Grupo de Investigación Acción Interdisciplinaria sobre Arte y Entorno (GIAE) in the postgraduate program at the UNAM School of Arts and Design.