Rodrigo Arenas-Carter: Day for Night: The Mexican Nite

Day for Night: The Mexican Nite. Photo provided by the artist.

Day for Night: The Mexican Nite

“Day for night” is a traditional cinematic technique that makes it possible to film night scenes during the day. It inspired the Truffaut movie of the same name. In this app-performance, the artist will share pre-recorded sounds that characterize the LGBT nightlife of CDMX. The action will be done using WhatsApp.


Rodrigo Arenas-Carter is a migrant artist and writer with an MA in Literature. He has received grants from Fondart-Chile, Residency for the ‘Migrant Experience’ (Canada), and Experimenta/Sur. In 2018, his book La Vital Precariedad. Poesía y Performance en América Latina y Chile (Vital Precarity: Poetry and performance art in Latin America and Chile) was published in Europe by the EAE.