Mov. Auction

Led by an auctioneer, this piece creates the fiction of an auction house where seven pieces are on offer. A radical relationship is established in terms of cost and payment, where notions of price and value collapse. Here, value persists far beyond the initial transaction.


Founded in 2016 in Mexico City, ME RiNDO PRODUCCIONES is a collective of artists who explore forms of dance or kinetic and visual experiences that emerge from our own lived experiences. They seek to create pieces that can have a strong impact on audiences, old and new.

Director and Choreographer: Ana Patricia Farfán/ Assistant Director: Mariana Navarro/ Script and Dramaturgy: Ana P. Farfán, Mariana Navarro & Arturo González Villaseñor/ Scenic Creator: Andrea Zolá, Rita María, Gabriela Saldaña, Gerson Martínez & David Oropeza/ Live Sound Intervention: Omar Soriano/ Production Assistant: Vanessa Sánchez Delgadillo/

FaLang translation system by Faboba