Susan Campos Fonseca: Noise and Interior Coloniality

Noise and Interior Coloniality

This intervention is a combination of concert, performance, and conference. It engages noise as a basis for epistemic disobedience, as a way of creating knowledge from saturation, and as a “chaosmosis” of contingent and contradictory ideas informed by violence, destruction, resentment, and anger.


Susan Campos Fonseca is a Costa Rican musicologist and composer who specializes in the philosophy of technology, as well as cultural and decolonial feminist approaches to electronic art and sound creation. She is signed to the NY music label Irreverence Group Music and is a professor at the School of Musical Arts at the Universidad de Costa Rica. Campos Fonseca is also coordinator of the Archivo Histórico Musical (Historical Archive of Music) and researcher with the Instituto de Investigaciones en Artes (Institute for Arts Research).