Carlos Martiel: Acknowledgement


The history and struggles of Afro-diasporic communities in Mexico have been ignored and erased from the country’s official history. This performance calls attention to the Mexican state’s ongoing refusal to recognize the status of Black communities, many of whom have lived in relative isolation along the Pacific coast of Oaxaca since their ancestors were taken from Africa as slaves in the 16th century.


Carlos Martiel (born 1989, Havana, Cuba) lives and works in New York and Havana. He graduated in 2009 from the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana. Between the years 2008-2010, he studied in the Cátedra Arte de Conducta, directed by artist Tania Bruguera. Martiel’s works have been included in the 14th Sharjah Biennial, UAE; 14th Cuenca Biennial, Ecuador; 57th Venice Biennale, Italy; Casablanca Biennale, Morocco; Biennial La Otra, Colombia; Liverpool Biennial, United Kingdom; Pontevedra Biennial, Spain; and the Havana Biennial, Cuba.