ERRO Grupo: 24th Pubic Debate/Desnudo Àgora

24th Pubic Debate/Desnudo Àgora

2016: media-legislative-parliamentary coup in Brazil, ERRO carries out the 23rd Public Debate/Jogo Àgora.

2019: Encuentro, ERRO proposes a self-parody - 24th Pubic Debate/Desnudo Àgora. Dressed or undressed, debating in a public square, stripped bare, talking politics or stripping politics bare, in a pubic and still public space.


ERRO Grupo is a collective based in Florianópolis, Brazil that explores art as an intervention into everyday life, using the street as a field of action. With 18 years of experience in street theater and performance, ERRO investigates the dissolution and interference of performance in the city through the creation of possible encounters and connections between passersby.