Rodrigo Hernandez Gomez & Saul Sandoval Villanueva: November Zero

November Zero. Photo provided by the artist.

November Zero

A hand-painted streetcar with the insignia "Cero de Noviembre" (November Zero) broadcasts a poem inviting the public to a series of battles where our history confronts itself in Iguala, Guerrero. The poem is a mashup of Nezahualcoyotl’s poems and part of the Mexican national anthem that mentions Iguala, up tempo-ed to the beat of a rodeo ad.


Rodrigo Hernandez Gomez is an artist from Ajusco, near Xitle. He is of Nahua descent and is currently making work in Canada, Italy, and Scotland.

Saul Sandoval Villanueva is an artist enrolled in the Masters program at the UNAM School of Arts and Design, where he is developing a project on research and artistic production.