During this Encuentro, we believe it is important to explore the non-playful dimensions of “the world upside down.” There is no doubt that violence persists in Mexico today. Kidnapping, femicide, forced disappearance, displacement, and homicide—not only the dissolution of bodies, but of life itself—all continue to mark the political and representational landscape of the entire region. This Imaginary invites us to think and act in the face of past and present violence.


Ileana Diéguez is Research Professor at UAM-Cuajimalpa. She holds a PhD in Literature and was a postdoctoral fellow in Art History at the UNAM. Her research topics include art, the body, memory, grief, representations of violence, theatricalities, and social and expanded performativities.

Violeta Luna’s work explores the relationship between theater, performance art, and community engagement. Luna uses her body as a territory to question and comment on social and political phenomena. Luna holds a graduate degree in Acting from the Centro Universitario de Teatro, UNAM. Luna performs and teaches extensively throughout the world.

Rián Lozano (Moderator) is a researcher and Academic Secretary of the Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas (Institute of Aesthetic Research) at the UNAM and a member of Mexico’s National System of Researchers (SNI). She holds a degree in Art History and a PhD in Philosophy (Aesthetics and Art Theory) from the Universitat de València (Spain).