Wednesday, June 12

10:00am — 06:00pm MUAC, UNAM Related Exhibition: Action Art in Mexico: Registers and Residues
11:00am — 07:00pm Centro de Cultura Digital (CCD) Related Exhibitions: The Illuminator: Border Blaster | Patrick Monte and Brian Questa: Anomy, for U.S. and Mexican News | Frisly Soberanis (FRPxTN): Fractured Connections
Digital Action Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez: Blessings
Roaming Jess Dobkin and Laura Levin: TALIXMXN
09:00pm — 01:00pm Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales, UNAM Work Group Meetings
10:00am — 02:00pm Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales, UNAM Book Fair
09:00am — 01:00pm Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales, UNAM Signa_Lab: What Do We Say to the Algorithm? Not Today! (Critical datification and divergent narratives)
10:00am — 01:00pm Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales, UNAM Andy Bichlbaum: Laughtivism with The Yes Men
10:00am — 02:00pm Parking Lot, Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales, UNAM Food Trucks
11:00am — 02:00pm Centro de Cultura Digital (CCD) Practical / Hybrid Work Groups
The Illuminator: Free Technologies Laboratory
02:00pm — 05:30pm Exterior space outside of Sala Covarrubias, UNAM Socorro! Bloody Mess!: Under (De)construction: A low-tech immersive (un)reality home building and decorating game
02:00pm — 05:30pm Explanada, MUAC, UNAM Miguel Braceli: Trigger
03:00pm — 03:10pm Auditorio del MUAC, UNAM DETEXT: Kill the President
03:15pm — 03:50pm Auditorio del MUAC, UNAM L.M. Bogad: COINTELSHOW: A PATRIOT ACT
04:00pm — 05:00pm Centro Universitario de Teatro (CUT), UNAM Violeta Luna: REQUIEM #3: Body Graves
04:30pm — 05:00pm Salón de Danza CCU, UNAM Hebzoariba Hernández: Mapping Silence, Liberating Public Space
05:00pm — 05:30pm Salón de Conferencias, MUAC, UNAM Julied Zapata: Performative Inversion of Injury, Decolonial Manifesto from the South
04:30pm — 05:30pm Foro Sor Juana, UNAM Book Launch
06:00pm — 07:30pm Teatro Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, UNAM Richard Schechner: Despair & disgust vs integrity & wisdom: An endgame in 7 acts
Presenter: Didanwy Kent Trejo
10:40pm Teatro Bar El Vicio Compañía CroMagnon: Fragile Andro
11:00pm Teatro Bar El Vicio Bocabilidades: Inflections of the Self
11:25pm Teatro Bar El Vicio Teatro Breve: Girls' Night
11:50pm Teatro Bar El Vicio La Bruja De Texcoco: POPULAR MEXICAN TRANS-CRIPTIONS

Event Type Key

  • Related Exhibition
  • Performance
  • Encuentro Opening
  • Trasnocheo
  • Work Group Meeting
  • Workshop
  • Teach-in
  • Keynote Address
  • Roundtable
  • Forum
  • Exhibition Opening
  • Practical / Hybrid Work Group
  • Lecture-Presentation
  • Imaginary
  • Street Art-Action Route
  • Work Group Presentation
  • Encuentro Closing
  • Book Fair, Book Launch
  • Food Trucks
  • Registration