Luis Tareke Ortiz Cisneros & José Antonio Cordero Chávez: SomoSNOBvios


Two gay “adultescents” of the past, Shine and Silence, begin a romantic recital in honor of the “problem,” asserting that all of the LGBTTTTTTTTTTTTT (etcetera) community’s problems have already been solved by the political parties, world governments and transnational companies… There’s nothing else they can do but live in an artificial nostalgia and remember the habits of bygone days.


José Antonio Cordero* (Aguascalientes, 1971) is a scenic creator and cinematographer. He studied Cinematography at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. In his stage performance, Cordero combines cabaret and staging, using acting research and dialogue between theater and audiovisual creation.

Tareke Ortiz* studied Composition and Ethnomusicology at UNAM's School of Music. As a cabaret performer, he has presented his work across Mexico and in cities throughout the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and the United Kingdom. He is currently the Artistic Director of the Cumbre Tajín International Festival.

(*Pertenecientes al Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte)