Pacha Queer: [MONSTRA CABARET] -“Among Democracies and Other Misconceptions”-

[MONSTRA CABARET] -“Among Democracies and Other Misconceptions”-

in times of post-truth
is pure fallacy

governing violences
annihilating existences

WE ARE KILLED *porno* ser / for not being
WE ARE RAPED *porno* star / for not being

bodies without rights
waiting to be undone

twisted sequins
subversive monsters

sharpening our blades
infecting existence as guerrillas

males go on cutting
bodies liberating
orgasms unleashing


Pacha Queer is a dissident performance and politics trench in Ecuador. MoTa (Eduardo Fajardo) and CoCa (Fernando Rodríguez), gender terrorists, pleasure rebels, transfeminist witches, abort guerrilla performances, fostering the liberation of thought through artistic (re)action, counterculture, “zorrority” and autonomy.