Monday, 03 June 2019 19:19

Carlos Martiel: Acknowledgement


The history and struggles of Afro-diasporic communities in Mexico have been ignored and erased from the country’s official history. This performance calls attention to the Mexican state’s ongoing refusal to recognize the status of Black communities, many of whom have lived in relative isolation along the Pacific coast of Oaxaca since their ancestors were taken from Africa as slaves in the 16th century.


Carlos Martiel (born 1989, Havana, Cuba) lives and works in New York and Havana. He graduated in 2009 from the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana. Between the years 2008-2010, he studied in the Cátedra Arte de Conducta, directed by artist Tania Bruguera. Martiel’s works have been included in the 14th Sharjah Biennial, UAE; 14th Cuenca Biennial, Ecuador; 57th Venice Biennale, Italy; Casablanca Biennale, Morocco; Biennial La Otra, Colombia; Liverpool Biennial, United Kingdom; Pontevedra Biennial, Spain; and the Havana Biennial, Cuba.

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Monday, 03 June 2019 17:43

Lia Garcia: Subtle Strangeness

Subtle Strangeness

This performative ritual takes place in a fountain-reflecting pool outside of the MUAC in the Centro Cultural Universitario. In an emotional encounter of affective remembering, the artist will use her voice and skin around water to move closer to the people around her.


Lia Garcia (La Novia Sirena) was born in Mexico City, where she currently lives. She is a feminist apprentice, pedagogue, and performance artist. Her artistic projects have focused on weaving affective bridges between her own trans* experience and Mexico’s social context. She has performed by occupying public space in multiple routes and wanderings.

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Monday, 03 June 2019 17:35

Astrid Hadad: MADE IN MEXICO


This is a tour through Mexico’s history from Astrid’s point of view: humorous, irreverent, but also well-documented. Carried by slaves, Astrid takes us from the ancient Mexico of Tenochtitlan to the present, doing justice to the memory of women forgotten by history, and using laughter as a powerful weapon of optimism.


Astrid Hadad is an actress, director, and singer who has developed her own style of cabaret, known as “Heavy Nopal.” She performs popular repertoires, adding texts and songs that she composes and performs, and using costumes she designs for visual effect (with as many as 13 costume changes in a single show). She has presented her performances across the globe.

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Empathy 5.1, Site-Specific Technoshamanic Ritual

This ritual is an offering, a gesture, banquet, caucus, a form of divine love, an autoallusive meditation, a cosmic choreography, a coral embrace, a way of gratitude, and a connection between what is above and below, inside and out. We become one and connect to the spaces that surround us.

Video provided by the artists.


Bioescénica is a transdisciplinary company based in Mexico City and Buenos Aires that develops and produces stage proposals combining art, science, and technology. Our hybrid, transdisciplinary work merges live, corporal, visual arts, and performing arts, using site-specific and/or interactive installations.

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The Shakespearean Tour (Juliet)

The Shakespearean Tour is a cabaret show that combines female shakespearean characters and pop culture (where they should belong), as well as the actor's desire to make peace with their inner child. It works like a three-course meal: pick a menu item and choose the three out of six female characters you'd like to see tonight. 


Mariano Ruiz identifies as an actor and Chingona cabaret artist with over six years of experience performing cabaret and ten years of experience in theater. With The Shakespearean Tour, Ruiz opens up the possibility of exploring identity on stage and creating dialogues with the audience. 

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Erica Islas: A Woman’s Touch

A Woman’s Touch

Very wet burlesque performance where a 1950 housewife transforms her house cleaning routine into something really pleasurable.


Erica Islas (Mexico City) is an actor and cabaret and burlesque performer with a degree in Dramatic Literature and Theatre from UNAM. She specializes in cabaret performance, and has worked with the cabaret company Las Reinas Chulas. She is the founder of Parafernalia Teatro and currently performs in burlesque shows as Queen Bitch.

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Monday, 03 June 2019 14:42

Las Pussy Queers: The Two Fridas

The Two Fridas


Las Pussy Queers is a collective made up of Irakere Lima (Actress) and Larissa Polaco (Producer). In 2016, they decided to unite their acting and production skills to get naked in body and soul. They have presented their work at the Festival Internacional de Cabaret in the editions XIV, XV, XVI and also in the first edition of the festival Tiempo de Mujeres 2019 in 2019.

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You can either have fear and run or have fear and rise

Through movement, poetry, and prose, we explore place and belonging. Questioning...
Where do I belong?
Where do I come from?
Notions of family, spirituality.


Vaimoana Niumeitolu is an artist and educator. She was born in Nuku’alofa, Tonga, and lives in NYC. She is the founder of Mahina Movement, an all-woman music poetry trio that has performed on over 700 stages. She has directed over 20 educational theater productions with communities.

Julia Lopez, poet and theater artist, has performed and read her original works at venues throughout the United States, Mexico City, Cuba, and Madrid. Her latest play, Graciela, is dedicated to her mother's experience and triumph over depression.

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Monday, 03 June 2019 14:38

Jess Dobkin: You had to be here

You had to be here. Photo provided by the artist.

You had to be here

A short cabaret turn of queer revelry.


Jess Dobkin is a Toronto-based artist, curator, community activist, and teacher. She creates and produces intimate solo theatre performances, large-scale public happenings, socially engaged interventions and performance art workshops and lectures.

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Monday, 03 June 2019 14:37

Bocabilidades: Inflections of the Self

Inflections of the Self

Based on the “Cuerpo-voz-reflejo” (Body-voice-reflex) series by González Aktories, this performance explores the inner monologue and multiple dialogical drifts of body-voice-reflex. Enunciations are refracted in sound reflections that are able to manifest in other re-sounding bodies, becoming detours or noises that subvert, question, and intervene in the identity of the speaking subject.


Since its founding, Bocabilidades has explored the relationship between what is said and what is expressed using the body and identity as keys to orality/aurality. This a cappella ensemble works with minimalist registers of the spoken voice, incorporating expanded vocal sounds to expand its potential.

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