Talitha Correia Leite Andrade: LUTO #elenão#elenunca#elejamais

LUTO #elenão#elenunca#elejamais

Fascist Brazil! Militarization of politics and daily life! Misogynist in power! Raising flags soaked with menstrual blood reveals the bodies that have been massacred and rendered invisible by this anti-government now in control of Brazilian politics. This is an act of protest which opens up a dialogue with our violent colonial past.


Talitha Correia Leite Andrade is a Brazilian feminist artivist and full-blown dyke. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with an emphasis in Cultural Production from the Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), where she is working towards an MA in Creative Processes. Andrade develops feminist urban interventions and is a member of the Arts and Politics research group at the UFBA School of Fine Arts.