26 The Illuminator — Free Technologies Laboratory

The Illuminator, Border Blaster. Encuentro 2019, CDMX, Mexico. Photo/Foto: CCD.

The Illuminator — Free Technologies Laboratory

Central to the work of The Illuminator and the Laboratorio de Tecnologías Libres (Free Technologies Laboratory) are notions of bodies and virtuality, the use of technologies as critical tools, and the role of digital narratives. This working group will trace lines of collaboration from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, focusing on the use of technologies, access to information, and the virtual movement of bodies. We will use this experimental space to explore the power of technology in cultivating a sense of empathy and in pushing for the inclusion and integration of different languages. As we present our own reflections, we will invite the general public to be part of this conversation and exploration of ideas.