25 FRPxTN (Frisly Soberanis) — Immersion and Narratives Laboratory

FRPxTN. Photo provided by the artist.

FRPxTN (Frisly Soberanis) — Immersion and Narratives Laboratory

How can we work against the limitation of borders? Is it possible to create transversal shifts through collaborative work and fiction? From the power of tactical media and debate to the reconfiguration of cartographies through narrative, this working group will generate an area of experimentation aimed at creating action tools to address the imminent crisis of meaning. With the guidance of Frisly Soberanis of the Family Reunions Project (FRP) and representatives of the CCD's Immersion and Narratives Laboratory, we will experiment with creating and exchanging action tools, embracing our own process and opening ourselves to all outcomes. Following the working group, we plan to publicly exhibit our work with the hopes that it will be reinterpreted, questioned, and intervened.