Donna Kaz (Guerrilla Girls On Tour!): Turn your Attitude to Action: Creating Street Theatre

This 2.5 hour street theatre workshop addresses issues affecting you within your community, the nation, or across the globe.. Starting with a discussion of what makes a good piece of protest art and the evolution and philosophy behind some of Guerrilla Girls On Tour!’s famous posters and street theatre actions, participants will form small groups to work collaboratively on creating a short piece of street theatre. Works-in-progress are presented and the workshop ends with a planning session that walks participants through the process of how to stage their work. Turn Your Attitude to Action is for anyone with a passion for combining activism and art.


Donna Kaz is a performer, activist, author, and leading feminist voice on how to combine activism and art. For the past 20 years, she has been proving feminists are funny with Guerrilla Girls On Tour!. Her new eBook,PUSH/PUSHBACK 9 Steps to make a Difference with Activism and Art, is at @guerrillagsot @donnakaz