Bendiciones is a parody of digital blessings sent by loved ones across Latin America through WhatsApp. Transmitted daily over the course of the Encuentro week, the eight blessings intervene traditionally Catholic messaging with humor that invites a more radical politic, beckoning recipients to reflect on oppressive forces they want to confront and transform.

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Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez is a New York City- and Providence-based artist and educator. His work focuses on the ways both performance and object can call out to temporary publics to transform individual witness into collective action. Lundberg Torres Sánchez is the founder and co-curator of the exhibition series Se Aculilló?.

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Anomy, for U.S. and Mexican News

Space: CCD (Centro de Cultura Digital), El Memorial
Exhibition Opening: Tuesday, June 11, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

On view June 11-15, 2019

Anomy, for U.S.and Mexican News uses news media RSS feeds in real time in combination with data sanitization and sound synthesis algorithms in order to create visual displacement and generate a non-linear musical score. Through immersion, adjacency, perpetuity, uncertainty, and content in real time, it offers a contemplative experience with mass media, censorship, and language in contemporary society. Information containing the letter “e” in news briefs from eleven different sources in English and Spanish will be redacted—each triggering a musical note. Inspired by lipogrammatic literature and concrete poetry, this piece uses the lipogram to call attention to subjectivity and control in mainstream news media. The result is both a rhythmically diverse sound piece and a visual document that continuously evolves along with the flow of information published by Mexican and American news outlets.

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Patrick Monte is an intermedia artist, designer, and composer based in New York City and Berlin. Brian Questa is an artist and composer based in Austria. Together, they have co-produced media installations, performances, and experimental music for exhibitions, festivals, and conferences internationally.

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What Does My Body Tell You?

Dressed in a monkey suit, the artist walks in silence. Headphones hidden beneath the suit are connected to MP3 speakers located on the body. Using these headphones, pedestrians can listen to random, informally recorded memories associated with the part of the body where the sound device has been placed.


Geovanni Lima da Silva is an artist and performer. He holds an MA in Visual Arts from the Universidade Estadual de Campinas and a BA in Visual Arts from the Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo. He is a member of the research group Diálogos entre Sociologia e Arte – DISSOA (Dialogues Between Sociology and Art - DISSOA), and is currently researching the body (fat, Black, LGBT) as a political interface.

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Faith in the Body, or the Body in Faith?

The Afro-diasporic body organizes everyday practices of visibility, affirming values, beliefs, aesthetics, and ancestral knowledge. It gives expression to notions of diversity, respect, memory, and the urban-ancestral Black body. When you watch, do you see what you do not see?


Tatiana Damasceno is a Brazilian choreographer, interpreter, and researcher. She holds a PhD in Performing Arts and is Professor of Dance at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), where she coordinates the BA program. Damasceno also coordinates the research group on dance and Afro-Brazilian culture in the Department of Arts of the Body at UFRJ.

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Thursday, 02 May 2019 17:20

Anadel Lynton: Soft Light

Soft Light

The poem has images of light and shadows of human life and nature. Its theme is empathy among humans despite their differences. It evokes the intergenerational relations of the sane and not so much. An older woman dances, a singer, and a boy. We listen. A conversation between movements, the playing child, and sung words.


Anadel Lynton was born in the U.S. into a Quaker pacifist family. She grew up in times of war and segregation, yearning for change and expression, and immigrated to Mexico where she found like-minded souls. She is co-founder of the Ballet Independiente and the National Dance Research Center where she continues to work with Dancing in Community projects.

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Sinuosity activates Indigenous rhythms of urban sound through a collaborative durational art-action and media installation. Braided fluorescent tape extends two bodies as a playful act of kinship, a connection to ancestral memory, and a protest to ongoing resource extraction in their territories and beyond.


Tsēmā Igharas and Jeneen Frei Njootli are award-winning Northern Indigenous interdisciplinary artists who create work to connect materials and bodies to the land. They are both members of the ReMatriate Collective. Friendship and collaboration has lead them to their joint performance, Sinuosity.

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Thursday, 02 May 2019 16:53

Eliu Almonte: SHITGOAL

SHITGOAL. Photo provided by the artist.


SHITGOAL: a play on the phrase “Shithole Countries," which U.S. President Donald Trump used to refer to African, Caribbean, and Central American countries, including Haiti and El Salvador. I incorporate a deflated soccer ball with an image of the U.S. flag, a toilet as a goalpost, artificial grass, and audio recordings.


Eliu Almonte (1970, San Francisco, Rep. Dominicana) lives and works in Málaga, Spain and San Diego, USA. He is an interdisciplinary artist and curator of the Festival Internacional de Performance Independence, the Encuentro Internacional Chocopop, and the “Acciones de Otoño.” He is also Founder of the Plataforma Dominicana de Performance (2011).

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Under (De)construction: A low-tech immersive (un)reality home building and decorating game

An absurdist, task-based meditation on the connections between neo/colonial aspirations and their geopolitical costs, this piece foregrounds the reproductive labor of play. Participants will be invited to build and play house with Socorro and Bloody Mess and to deconstruct—physically and otherwise—the house by turning it inside-out.


Socorro and Bloody Mess have big plans: In keeping with the neo/colonial and expansionist tropes associated with their white bodies, they come to assemble their aspirational model home. But, as they build, they struggle with the heteronormative pull of house/home-making’s ideological organization of space and a deep-seated anarchic impulse. Socorro and Bloody Mess met in Mexico in 2015 while sporting their everyday personas, Denise Rogers Valenzuela and Helene Vosters. They share interests in found objects, menstrual paraphernalia, and playful performance. They have also shared a home.

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Thursday, 02 May 2019 16:00

Miguel Braceli: Trigger


Trigger is a project aimed at transforming an object of violence into a pedagogical tool and reimagining a gunshot as method of construction. The body is the structure of the weapon; as an object of knowledge, it holds the same possibility as a book.


Miguel Braceli, a Venezuelan artist and architect, has developed his practice in many fields, including landart, performance, and relational art. He has presented his work in institutional spaces and art biennials throughout Latin America and Europe. He currently resides in the United States and is a Fulbright fellow and graduate student at the Maryland Institute College of Arts.

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(In)terfertilization: Of Word and Flesh

(In)terfertilization is a durational public performance that explores themes of need and self-actualization, transference of ideas and exchange, and growth. We will construct a series of hearts made of blood and soil, plant new seed/lives, follow their public growth, and allow their hearts to evolve into paradigm-defiant beings. #thedomystics


The Do-Mystics is a feminist collective created by Monique Blom and Arantxa Araujo, based in NYC, Mexico, and Canada. Their work incorporates the use of new media, performance, and socially engaged art. The collective explores themes through ritual processes of identity, gender, immigration, and domesticity.

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