Water for a Challenge, or Don’t you forget about me: A ritual of national liberation (Final healing ritual)

Fire will be frozen as a symbolic ritual of world liberation. Several sculptures made of flavored ice in the shape of firearms are presented as part of a tasting. Once they have melted, tasters/spectators may drink the juice.


César Martínez is an “indisciplinary” Mexican artist whose artwork navigates different conceptual frameworks and technical supports—from dynamite to gelatin. His work has been exploded and eaten, morphing into symbolic nutrients and creative enzymes inside the bodies that have savored it. Martínez has presented his work in venues throughout the world.

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Friday, 26 April 2019 17:29

César Enríquez: La Prietty Guoman

La Prietty Guoman

Mexico has one of the highest rates of hate killings of the LGBT community. I wanted to create a singular voice that could speak for all of the voices that have been silenced. The “Prietty Guoman” is not just one body. She is many bodies: trans, indigenous, poor, sex worker, artist, and all those who stand on the outside—unseen, unheard.


César Enríquez is an actor, playwright, and director. He is currently an Art Playwright Exchange 2019 resident at the Lark Institute in New York. He was also lead actor of The Lion King musical under the direction of Julie Taymor in Mexico.

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The Wretched

Four female spies alive during the French Revolution discover that they are absent from the Declaration of Man and Citizen. Plunged into misery, they scream, cry, sing, and dance in order to find a hopeful path forward. Themes such as equality, fraternity, and liberty are questioned and scrutinized.


Las Reinas Chulas S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican cabaret company formed in 1998 by Marisol Gasé, Cecilia Sotres, Ana Francis Mor, and Nora Huerta. Their shows draw on satire, farse, and music, using humor to advance social critiques. Since 2005, they have led the Teatro Bar El Vicio, a space dedicated to the dissemination art and culture as agents of social transformation.

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Friday, 26 April 2019 17:29

NIC Kay: Pushit!!


Can resistance be choreographed? pushit!!, a site-responsive performance by NIC Kay, is a meditation on emotional labor and the impossibility of the stage as a place of freedom for the Black performer. This work is part of a larger set of exercises in getting-well-soon.


NIC Kay is a post-disciplinary artist who makes performance, installation, and publications.They are deeply invested in the act and process of moving, the change of place, the production of space, position, and the clarity gained from perspective shifts.

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Friday, 26 April 2019 17:29

Alexandra Martins Costa: Gift


Gift is a performance about presents. A cage sits in place of the head; origamis sit in place of birds. The offer of a gift replaces the notion of imprisonment. As we walk down the street handing out origamis, our heads become dwellings for these colorful birds. The action is complete when all, including myself, are released.


Alexandra Martins Costa is based in Brasilia and holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis on Dance and Visual Arts and a master’s degree in Gender and Feminism. She is part of the collective Tete a Teta. She has been editing video since 2010, performing since 2011, and clowning since 2016. She is currently part of the Fora da Casinha collective and the Rede de Palhaçaria Feminina (Female Clown Network).

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Friday, 26 April 2019 17:26

Éden Peretta: Do Not Feed the Fish

Video installation of Do Not Feed the Fish in Brazil.

Do Not Feed the Fish

The video installation Do Not Feed the Fish reframes different urban spaces such as windows, doors, and fountains, turning them into an "aquarium" where strange fish perform their dances. It seeks to problematize the rhythm of our lives by disrupting our daily perception of time and space. Who is the captive one, after all?


Éden Peretta is a dance artist and professor in the graduate program in Performing Arts at the Federal University of Ouro Preto, Brazil. He coordinates the Anticorpos collective, where he develops research at the intersection of dance, theater, and video art, creating performances and installations centered on the body.

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Performative Inversion of Injury, Decolonial Manifesto from the South

This performance focuses on chains of signification regarding what it means to be a woman, a migrant, and a bitch. It renders visible the marginal spaces to which I belong from the territories that I inhabit.


Julied Zapata Arias is a Chilean artist-activist, based in Mexico, who views “art” as a way of resisting and re-existing in “reality.” She has participated in community art initiatives in Peru, Guatemala, Spain, Chile, and Mexico. She is part of the artist collective Ajo Confita’o and is currently enrolled in the Masters program in Performing Arts at the Universidad Veracruzana.

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Where is Bruno?

This piece addresses the possibilities of “appearing” that artistic practice offers in the desolate social and political landscape, connecting artistic practices and political strategies that denounce and make visible: disappeared bodies, forced disappearance? How can we represent those who are invisible?


Lukas Avendaño has presented his work in the 2018 RUTAS International Multi-Arts Festival, Toronto, Canadá; University of California, CA, USA; and Brave Festival, Wroclaw, Polonia, among others.

Edgar Cartas Orozco works as a concert musician and trumpetist. He is Director of the Sandunga del Istmo de Tehuantepec Philharmonic, based in Oaxaca.

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Friday, 26 April 2019 17:26

Kristin Reger: 7 Moments of Becoming

7 Moments of Becoming

the fragile, the frozen, the fossilized
feel them
in your eyes

become us
rare specimens,
radiating alchemistic

hielo, piedra, vidrio
del ojo

internalice, adentrar
alguito precioso
con la promesa alquímica
de trozos


Kristin Reger (Chicago, 1984) is a visual and performance artist with a background in fashion theory. She completed the educational program at SOMA in Mexico City and holds a MFA from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Kristin lives and works in Mexico City.

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Ver, verde, verdade. Swallowing History

The power of words, swallowing histories, pure anthropophagy. The artist invites people to pass by his store and nourish themselves with their own history. It is an invitation to recognize the collective memory within us all. We are many inside a single body.


Efe Godoy lives and works in Belo Horizonte. His artistic proposals move between design, music, and performance. In his work, we often see animals and plants in perfect symbiosis with human nature, as well as a strong connection to aspects of everyday life, such as memory and the passage of time.

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