Afrodiasporic Poetics: Celebrating Black Arts



Tuesday, June 11, 2024 | 5:00 PM EST

The Hemispheric Institute is proud to present “Performances Negras”: Tactics, Strategies and Barricades in Contemporary Brazil, a series of virtual meetings on performance, politics, imagery, social justice, Blackness and reflections on urgent issues in contemporary Brazil, curated and presented by artist, researcher, and professor Rodrigo Severo. For this series of events, Severo invited artists, activists and intellectuals such as Rosane Borges, Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Débora Maria da Silva (Mothers of May Movement), Ayrson Heráclito and Leda Maria Martins.

All conversations in the series will be in Portuguese with simultaneous translation into English. Register for this conversation through the Zoom link below.