The Hemispheric Institute at NYU is proud to join FOROCAP (Central American Forum for Journalism) to broadcast an exclusive live concert from Tegucigalpa, Honduras by

Aurelio Martínez & Garífuna Soul Band Live in Concert

Photo: Jaime Oriz
November 9, 2021 | 9PM EST (8PM Honduran time/CST)

Aurelio Martínez is a renowned singer/songwriter, guitarist and percussionist, and one of the great musical artists of Central America. He is a master composer and global ambassador of Garífuna music and cultural patrimony. Born in La Ceiba, Honduras to a family with a formidable musical legacy, Martínez is known for his potent and evocative voice and original compositions, which are a modern expression of Garífuna tradition. Martínez is an international musical force who has received numerous prizes and performed across the world sharing and teaching Garífuna culture. In addition to his career as a performing and recording artist, Martínez became the first Garífuna and the first Black representative in the Honduran Congress, where he advocated for the rights and cultural sovereignty of his community.

Aurelio Martínez and Garífuna Soul Band will appear live before a limited in-person audience at the Redondel de los Artesanos in Tegucigalpa. Their concert will be broadcast free of charge to an international audience. Experience the power of his voice and original works, the beauty of his musical arrangements, and the vibe of the Garífuna Soul Band.

The Hemispheric Institute is delighted to sponsor this performance alongside the FOROCAP and El Faro digital newspaper. The event inaugurates our collaboration with this remarkable musician as we prepare to welcome Aurelio Martínez as Musical Artist in Residence at the Hemispheric Institute and the Clive Davis Institute at New York University during 2022. We are thrilled to welcome Aurelio Martínez as part of the World Making and Social Emergency Initiative at the Hemispheric Institute, which is made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

About El Faro

El Faro was the first digital newspaper in Latin America. Its headquarters are in San Salvador, and it is dedicated to investigative journalism in Central America, focusing on issues like migration, impunity, inequality, corruption, and violence. El Faro has received numerous international awards for its reporting, investigative series, and photojournalism.

About ForoCAP 2021

The Central American Forum for Journalism (FOROCAP) has been organized for the past twelve years by the digital newspaper El Faro. It is a meeting to facilitate reflection and dialogue about the most urgent events in Central America and the best practices of international journalism. Each year we bring together colleagues who share the vision of journalism which is vigilant about state power and works in the public interest, as well as intellectuals and experts with whom we discuss the most urgent issues shaping the region and the world.

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