The Roots of Alchemy/Las raíces de Alkemi: Listening Session with Daymé Arocena and David Font-Navarrete

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 | 6PM EST
Center for Ballet and the Arts Studio, 16 Cooper Square

Join us for a listening session and conversation between Daymé Arocena and David Font-Navarrete, two of our distinguished 2024 Mellon Fellows in Residence, as they discuss the sacred roots of Afro-Cuban music, both in historical sound archives and in Arocena’s own creations. Arocena is a practitioner of Santería, Afro-Cuban religion based on Yoruba principles, and speaks frequently of its influence on her artistic journey.

Their dialogue will engage Arocena’s work as well as music from Música de los cultos africanos en Cuba (Music of the African Cults in Cuba), a remarkable audio archive of Afro-Cuban sacred music, recorded at mid-twentieth century by Josefina Tarafa in collaboration with Cuban ethnographer Lydia Cabrera.