Dragonfly: ABSCONDED #EjectionDay 2020 v. 1

In the work, DRAGONFLY (Robin LaVerne Wilson / Miss Justice Jester) embodies Judge in moving-monumental form as she walks the streets, interacting with historical figures and spaces, though the performance includes unscripted components as well. The goal of this work is to uplift the memory of a forgotten American Founding Mother, amplify the paradox of Black freedom as fugitivity, highlight the complexities of American chattel slavery, and contribute to the ongoing conversations about who is memorialized as we push towards decolonization. The project is inspired by Never Caught, by Erica Armstrong Dunbar, as the foundational academic text for this work. This is the second iteration of ABSCONDED, this time in celebration of #EjectionDay2020, as DRAGONFLY calls for the ejection of fascist regimes worldwide.


Robin LaVerne Wilson (she/they) was born in Detroit, Michigan; raised in San Antonio, Texas; and has been a resident of the NYC Metro since 2003. She descends from enslaved Africans who rooted themselves in Alabama and Georgia after the end of the first American Civil War. She is the Gen X daughter of a career US Army combat medic (Korea and Viet Nam), and a military wife/homemaker/non-domestic cleaner. The unresolved intergenerational traumas of race, class, gender, and sexuality inform her work as a conceptual, multidisciplinary artist.

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Additional Info

  • Duration: 1:47:44
  • Language: English
  • Date: 2020
  • Location: Upper West Side, Manhattan, NYC
  • Type-Format: performance art
  • Cast: Robin LaVerne Wilson (Dragonfly).
  • Credits: Dr. Joy Brooke Fairfield (Producer), Sabura Rashid (Director), and Ak Jansen (Costume Design).