Marianela Boán's Contaminated Dance

Contaminated Dance implies a dance performance open to voice, emotion, posture, gesture, image, language, etc. Signs, codes, genres collide into a collage structure, forcing the dancers to achieve a multifaceted interpretation by traveling through different expressive channels and moods while the virtuosity of the movement is incessant. Boán's creative process is inseparable from the social-cultural process lived by the Cuban artistic vanguard of the 80s and 90s. In Cuba, it was imperative to refine artistic skills in order to fill the emptiness of public space with the essential freedom of art. Today, her contaminated dance style is even more radical as a result of twenty years of non-stop research within her companies/ laboratories DanzAbierta and BoanDanz Action. Dramaturgical awareness plays a very important roll in her eclectic style. Dramaturgy allows her to explore the maximum possibility of each element, achieving the optimum effect with the minimum resources, which means avoiding decorative or arbitrary elements. Dramaturgical awareness allows her to have a different attitude, bringing together many elements without distracting the audience from the themes she wants to communicate, preparing the audience to be moved, to be able to think and to recognize the stream of ideas she is emphasizing, keeping them active and co-creative.

Contaminated Dance with its infinite possibilities for amalgamation of dissimilar elements is for Boán more than the name of certain style; it is the mature outcome of many years of pushing her limits as artist and human being beyond the artistic and political establishment.

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