La nostalgia del quinqué... una huida (1999)

La nostalgia del quinqué, 1999 La nostalgia del quinqué, 1999 Ricardo Alcaraz

La nostalgia del quinqué... una huida explores and exposes the anxieties of everyday life in Puerto Rican society, transversally investigating issues of gender, class and race. A series of tableaux vivants of the "Puerto Rican Family" shows a stereotypical version of the folkloric peasant family ("jíbaros") from the "literatura costumbrista" (dealing with the transit form a rural society to an industrial, urban one) in a tragicomic clash of anachronisms, self-inflicted bigotry and partisan politics, negotiated in a desperate juggle of contrasting realities, evasion, euphemisms and denial that evidence the identity crisis of Puerto Rican society. These tableaux perform an antiphonal relationship to three "sister" characters through which Hernández exposes her take on Puerto Rican identity crisis and colonialism: Licenciada Perdóname (a district representative), Pragma la continental (with her self-help lecture inviting Puerto Ricans "to climb and to progress") and Perpetua (a sensual "Pan-Latin" singer), who, with the help of their assistant Lamento, unveil the political, socio-historic and ethno-cultural complexities of "the Puerto Rican condition".


Additional Info

  • Title: La nostalgia del quinqué... una huida
  • Holdings: photo gallery, video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 01:01:30
  • Language: Spanish, Spanglish
  • Date: 9 May 1999
  • Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: Teresa Hernández, Javier Cardona, Magali Carrasquillo, Kairiana Núñez, Patricia Dávila.
  • Credits: Teresa Hernández, producer, director, concept, and text ; Producciones Teresa, no inc., producer.