¿¡Que Nuevas!? – What’s New!? (1994)

¿¡Qué Nuevas!? – What’s New!?, Latina Theatre Lab’s first Original Musical Comedy, examined stereotypes within the Entertainment Industry through the varied experiences of eleven Latina actresses. With Carmen Miranda as an icon, interwoven with video interviews of the performers, this work explores self-image, self-doubt, and finally self-acceptance by dropping the mask and singing "Mamá yo quiero!"


icon ¿¡Que Nuevas!? – What’s New!? Program (2.88 MB)


icon ¿¡Que Nuevas!? – What’s New!? Script (72.48 kB)


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Additional Info

  • Title: ¿¡Que Nuevas!? – What’s New!?
  • Holdings: photo gallery, script, video (HIDVL)
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Date: 1994
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Type-Format: performance
  • Cast: Yolanda Aranda, Christina Frias, Valerie de Jose, Tessa Koning-Martinez, Jamie Lujan, Sunny Martinez, Maria Elena Mestayer, Gloria Ponce, Mary Ann Rodgers, Andrea Cristina Thome, Leedia Urteaga
  • Credits: Conceived by Latina Theatre Lab with the Ensamble; Wilma Bonet, Director; Anna Estrada, Producer; Sylvia Sahagun Gonzalez; Stage manager; Wilma Bonet, Video Concept & Production; Alexandra Vazquez, Lighting Designer; Marshall Graves, Light Operator; Maria Elena Mestayer & Andrew Sprovle, Sound Operators
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