Cuando el regente nos alcance (1996)

Cuando el regente nos alcance (1996) HIDVL

In this solo performance by Jesusa Rodríguez, current pressing social and economic problems affecting Mexico City are discussed in the context of political campaigns to the regency of this city. Economic polarization, failing infrastructure, political corruption, violation of human rights, mass media manipulation of public opinion, the religious prohibition of birth control methods, and a severe drought are topics discussed by a myriad of characters, satiric lyrics, and video inserts projected on the back wall of the stage. Rodríguez mocks Mexico's main political parties (PRI, PAN) and the disparity between their campaign promises and the political corruption that worsens the urban crisis.Several candidates to the regency of the city are proposed, alluding to actual politicians, but expanding the political 'bestiary' to the fabulous 'Chupacabras' (the 'Goatsucker,' invoked to suck the technocrats' blood), 'Babe, el Puerquito Valiente' ('Babe, the Brave Piglet,' a symbol of 'dirty politics'), Keiko the Whale ('all regents are animals... at least this one needs water as much as the rest of the population'), and even resorting to propose Coatlicue, Aztec goddess of life and death (who promises to end privatization, greed, and corruption among 'her children'). An alternative 'History of the Collapse of Tenochtitlan' and the satiric version of Venezuelan folk song 'Alma Llanera' are examples of how this performance confronts streetwise wits with the mirage of urban prosperity advertised by TV commercials, newscasts, and political campaign slogans, acknowledging how electoral decisions affect 'the future of Mexico...if there's such thing.'

Video Inserts: Performance video inserts, projected as a part of the piece 'Cuando el regente nos alcance.' The video skits span from original videos (like a mock version of Alfred Hitchcock's bathtub murder scene, related to Mexico City's drought), to satirical voice-overs for Mexican TV ads and newscasts.

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Cuando el regente nos alcance (full performance, embedded below)
Cuando el regente nos alcance (performance video inserts)


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Additional Info

  • Title: Cuando el regente nos alcance
  • Alternate Title: When the regent catches up with us
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 01:25:48
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: 1996
  • Location: Teatro Bar El Hábito, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Type-Format: performance, multimedia, performance video insert
  • Cast: Liliana Felipe, musician; Jesusa Rodríguez, protagonist.
  • Credits: Jesusa Rodríguez, writer, director, producer ; Liliana Felipe, producer, music director.