El estudio de Eugenia León (1994)

El estudio de Eugenia León (1994) HIDVL

In this Eugenia León''s cabaret concert, performed at Teatro Bar El Hábito, Alfred Hitchcock (played by Alejandro Calva) narrates a "Private Eye" story, a duel of wits between a Mexican diva-cum-exceptional detective (León) and her archenemy, Jack "El Declamador" ("Jack the Declamator," played by Jesusa Rodríguez). Singing well-know romantic songs ("Envidia," "Perfidia," '"Frenesí," "La tirana," "Lo mismo que usted," "Piel Canela," and "Quizá, quizá, quizá," among others), León must save 137 kidnapped children from Jack's affected declamation of Latin American Modernist poetry, while contesting the villain's request for support to his candidate to the upcoming Mexican presidential election: Paco Stanley, a popular Mexican declamator. In order to save the day, León has to solve the mystery proposed by the villain: to figure out the identity of the alleged murderer of Marilyn Monroe (also played by Rodríguez)... in 10 minutes! With the help of her boleros and the study of "some documents," the detective concludes that Hitchcock is Monroe's assassin, and proceeds to arrest him. Thankful for solving the mystery, Marilyn shares with Eugenia her secret technique for achieving her famous "floating white dress effect"... After solving the enigma, León and Jack clash in a deadly duel of wits, until the "Musa Inspiradora" ("Inspirational Muse," also played by Calva) gets in their way. Improvised insults, tricky moves, and phone calls from the Presidential House all contribute to León's victory and to Jack's escape. The Muse takes sides with the detective and promises to inspire her to sing "like a goddess"... concluding a magnificent concert, that inspired an "encore" request by Eugenia's eager audience.


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Additional Info

  • Title: El estudio de Eugenia León
  • Alternate Title: Eugenia León's office
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 01:43:13
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: 1994
  • Location: Teatro Bar El Hábito, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Type-Format: performance
  • Cast: Eugenia León, protagonist ; Jesusa Rodríguez, cast ; Alejandro Calva, cast; Tito Enríquez, Carlos García, José Montiel, Miguel Samperio, musicians
  • Credits: Jesusa Rodíguez, producer, director ; Liliana Felipe, producer ; Malú Huacuja, writer.