El hundimiento (1998)

El hundimiento (1998) HIDVL

"Toda invención conlleva una catástrofe (...) como suicidas en busca de coartada, la gente ansía que llegue el fin del mundo" (Every invention implies a catastrophe [...] like suicides looking for an alibi, people anxiously await the end of the world): Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci (performed by Jesusa Rodríguez), 600-year-old thanks to his discovery of the elixir of immortality, wants to put an end to his life. Living in current Mexico City, the artist strains to recover his artistic talent, while fruitlessly trying to regain hope in humanity, lost because of society's gradual "sinking" ("hundimiento") and widespread decadence produced by so-called "Progress." "How to paint the end of the world?" Leonardo looks for inspiration in Bob Ross' televised painting classes, in the moral support of his assistant/lover Francesco (Liliana Felipe), in "interactive painting" (creating an "interactive" Giocconda with an audience member as his model), in the analysis of Mexico's political "gallery of terror," and in watching a fellow Leonardo (Di Caprio) in the film "Titanic" over and over again. Concluding that humanity is self-destructive, that Renaissance utopias can't survive in an age of technocracy, and that every good invention sinks like the Titanic, Da Vinci finds the antidote to immortality and performs "his masterpiece" -suicide- which he dedicates to former Secretary of Tourism and regent mayor of Mexico City (charged of corruption and embezzlement) Oscar Espinosa Villareal.

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Additional Info

  • Title: El hundimento
  • Alternate Title: Sinkage
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 00:56:15
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: 1998
  • Location: Performed at Teatro Bar El Hábito, Mexico City
  • Type-Format: performance, multimedia, performance video insert
  • Cast: Jesusa Rodríguez, Liliana Felipe
  • Credits: Jesusa Rodríguez, writer, producer, director ; Liliana Felipe, producer, musical director