Slanguage (2001)

Slanguage (2001) HIDVL

The boundary-smashing ‘Slanguage’ brings together the unique mix of language and culture that is life on the United States’ streets. Built loosely around the structure of a subway ride from Brooklyn to the Bronx, this piece synthesizes traditional theater with poetry, storytelling, rap, gospel, jazz riffs, bluesy laments, Spanish boleros, and other poetic forms, to paint a rich portrait of the sights and sounds of New York City. Through ‘Slanguage,’ UNIVERSES integrates theatre and street humor with emotional truth, amplifying the issues of poverty, family, drugs, racism, and street violence, yet finding hope in the contemporary urban landscape, and believing in the power of language to create social change through collective words, stories, and narratives.


icon Slanguage at New York Theatre Workshop Program (2.7 MB)

icon Slanguage at The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Program (8.04 MB)

Additional Materials

icon Slanguage in the New WORLD Theater Newsletter (6.45 MB)


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Additional Info

  • Title: Slanguage
  • Alternate Title: 01:39:33
  • Holdings: program, video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 01:39:25
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Date: 2 Aug 2001
  • Location: New York Theater Workshop, New York City.
  • Type-Format: performance
  • Cast: Gamal Abdel Chasten; Lemon Andersen; Flaco Navaja; Mildred Ruiz; Steven Sapp, performers
  • Credits: Scott Pask, set designer; James Vermeulen, lighting designer; Darron L. West, sound designer; Batwin + Robin Productions, Inc., production designer; Katherine Lee Boyer, production stage manager; Sharinka Niles, assistant stage manager; Character Generators Inc., videography
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