Amores en el barranquito (1999)

Amores en el barranquito (1999) HIDVL

Amores en el barranquito is a tale about a young couple in love and how the way they live their lives (especially the woman's following of her husband's desires without being able to question them) leads them into hardship. As the play develops the situation worsens when the couple's children grow up: their future is jeopardized, for there are too many family members to take care of. The play acts as an invitation to reflect on issues of family planning and how responsible planning could ensure that each family member gets access to food and education.


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Additional Info

  • Title: Amores en el barranquito
  • Holdings: video (HIDVL)
  • Duration: 00:56:41
  • Language: Spanish
  • Date: Oct 1999
  • Location: Casa FOMMA, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Type-Format: play, performance
  • Cast: María Francisca Oseguera Cruz, Juana López Mendes, Petrona de la Cruz Cruz, Isabel Juárez Espinosa, María Pérez Sántiz, Esteban Adrián Juárez.
  • Credits: Fortaleza de la Mujer Maya (FOMMA), producer, writer.